College Essay Coaching

I love personal details and content that connects with the reader. I know what works and I know what the “hook” of a story should be the minute I hear it. This is what the college application essay is all about. I accept a small number of students each year and coach them through the essay writing process.


It can be a stressful time for you and your teen. So much prodding and pushing to get them to write their essay. Why are they dragging their feet? Maybe it’s because they are stuck, don’t know where to start, feel overwhelmed, and want to bury their heads in the sand. I can help. No, I won’t write one word of it, but I will coach your student and coax out of them their best possible work, resulting in an essay that truly shows who they are and rounds out the rest of their application.


I’ll walk you through all the details and be your “essay coach.” I’ll make the process easier, clearer and will cheer you on as your essay gets better and better. You might even think it’s fun!

The Process


We’ll meet for about 1 - 1½ hours to brainstorm topics, ideas and details. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, we'll meet in person. Farther away? No problem - we’ll jump on a call. By the end of this meeting, you’ll know what you’re going to write about and will be ready to tackle your first draft.


You’ll write your first draft. It probably won’t be great initially, and that’s fine. We’ll set deadlines and I’ll hold you to them. You’ll be glad about this, I promise. Then you’ll send me your draft, typically 
as a Google doc.


I’ll review your essay, make comments and suggestions, and have you revise it.


Another round of revisions if needed.


Final edit where I make sure your spelling, grammar and structure are perfect.


"Thank you so much for all your help with all of this it has been so amazing to work with you, you are absolutely incredible at what you do! And I will keep you updated on all the college things as they come :)"

-Z (student)


"Your essay help must be working because she is getting accepted all over the place and into the honors programs automatically at most.  Thanks again for everything."

-S (parent)


"Applying to colleges these days is complicated - filling out applications, requesting transcripts and recommendations, keeping track of the deadlines - but nothing feels more overwhelming and labor-intensive as writing a personal essay.

And I’m sure it was more overwhelming for me than it was for my son because I wanted so badly for him to get into his dream school. The best decision I made was to hire Nancy as his essay coach. I instantly felt relief knowing that this was in her hands, and I was confident that she would be able to pull from him what I couldn’t as his mom. And she did. He wrote a compelling essay on a topic that I would have otherwise considered risky. Nancy made the process feel simple and almost fun! It was so efficient with their initial meeting, a draft, some refinements and voila! - the final product. And he got into his dream school. Thank you, Nancy!"

-A (parent)


"We are so grateful for your guidance and support with the essay sections! It was great that you were able to help him tell his story in a way that will be relevant to college admissions counselors!

Also, the tips you gave us on how he should prepare for the supplemental essay were priceless. I just know that his final essay wouldn't have been nearly as focused and detailed had we not invested in your services."

-J (parent)



Hourly: $125/hour

Choose this option if you only want help with part of the essay process, like brainstorming your topic or having me review/edit your final draft.


Full Coaching Process: $500

Includes all the steps listed above, from brainstorming your topic to proofing the finished product. Typically involves 5-8 hours of my time.